What materials are your items made of?

The specific material used in each item is stated under the individual listings. Below is a comprehensive overview of what each of the materials entail.

Stainless/Titanium Steel

Our stainless/titanium steel products are suitable for those with sensitive skin as they are hypoallergenic and resistant to water/corrosion, making it perfect for prolonged wear. Do note that proper care still needs to be taken to ensure longevity of the products!

925 Sterling Silver

Jewellery made with 925 sterling silver are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. However, they are prone to oxidation and will turn a darker colour when exposed to surroundings. Do clean your sterling silver items with a polishing cloth when it happens to restore them to its original shine.

14K/18k Gold Plated

These products have a metal base with 14K/18k gold electroplated above it. The gold plating gives it its shine and protects the metal base. All our gold plated jewellery are plated over stainless or titanium steel, giving them an extra shine and elevates its luxurious look.

What are the payment options?

We accept all major credit/debit cards and PayNow on our website.

How often do product launches occur?

Presently, we do not have a fixed schedule for launches. All launch updates will be posted on Instagram.

Do follow us on Instagram for latest updates and sneak peeks.

A product is out of stock, will there be any restocks?

As we are still an extremely small business with limited capacity and resources, restocks only happen if there is enough demand for it. Let us know your interest in the sold-out item and we will try our best to fulfil the restocks.

In addition, we are always looking to improve as well as bring in better items that suit your style. If you have any requests for certain kinds of jewellery, do let us know either via email or Instagram DMs.

We look forward to hearing from you!